The Innovation Biz Group has been in both the supply business for franchise groups (And others) for over 3 years as well have been involved in Television Production (through a family business) producing TV shows for many years.
Inspire Media: Our main content production office is based out of the Full Sail offices ran by Inspire Media (Troy McGuire and Team). Inspire Media was created by industry veteran, Troy McGuire who has over 20 years of executive producer credits including The Daily Buzz, Emotional Mojo and others.

Frivolous Lawsuits: Our country is overrun with frivolous lawsuits that hurt small businesses, consumers and more. We will be making this practice a major priority in our weekly TV shows.
Utility Complaints: We are also setting up a national utility and other common consumer complaint website that will be going deeper than the norm to get resolution for consumers
Unscrupulous Companies: We will be showcasing consumer complaints with any service business type (builders, plumbers, flooring companies, etc.) that have left a consumer out-in-the-cold.

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